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Hi, I'm Archvile/Chet/Mike. I am an amateur artist, SL content-creator, animal lover and avid chair-sitter. I'm usually playing videogames, but when I'm not I'm either modeling in 3D or doodling.

My art tag is #archvile doodles.

Please consider donating. I'd really appreciate it.
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what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



How I feel when I hear my mom’s dog sneaking upstairs.

Porn dialogue is just the worst. No matter who writes it or what it’s attached to, people will always find a way to make it as unbearable as possible.


Danny DeVito in the Gears of War universe.

I wonder how I could possibly make my art more popular. I find myself in kind of a slump…

Quick flats commission for someone on FA.

Keep the mohawk, we’ll match :3c

We can be Young Zangief together! 

Should I keep this mohawk or just shave it all the fuck off? Beard’ll probably go at some point too.

Zippycookie’s butt. :U